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Acne Treatment With Green Tea

Now it is a widely accepted fact that green tea belongs to one of the mini wonders of nature. With every passing day, more and more news about the medicinal benefits of this stuff have been revealed. And recently, acne has been added to that ever-growing list.

Recently two studies conducted to measure the benefits of green tea for the acne treatment show some positive hope for those who are looking for some home remedies for treating their acne problem. Those studies showed that green tea is useful for the acne treatment in two ways – by drinking it and topically. In fact, not only for the treatment of acne, green tea benefits of overall skin health. Let’s have a look on how green tea benefits in the acne treatment.

Benefits of Green Tea for Acne

Green tea reduces the sebum production by 50%. In fact, one study revealed that sebum production was reduced by 70% after 8 weeks of using topical green tea.

As much as benzoyl peroxide, green tea can reduce acne up to 50%.

Green tea has the properties to reduce skin inflammation caused by acne-causing bacteria. It is a great benefit of green tea acne treatment as the acne patients often suffer from overtly strong inflammation for the bacteria staying inside the skin pores.

Green tea can also reduce the genetic sensitivity of the skin’s androgen hormones.

Green tea cream is helpful to prevent and mitigate the exposed skin care coupons damage caused due to sunlight and other reasons.

How Green Tea Works on Acnes?

For the DIY solution of acne treatment, many experts suggest about green tea based acne cream combining natural ways to fight against the acne. In fact, green tea can be used as a toner where you get to use brewed green tea for topic treatment. Some studies showed that acne-prone skins are extremely sensitive to androgen hormones that are responsible for higher production of sebum and skin cell. Along with that, inflammatory damage to sebum also triggers the acne formation. Thankfully, green tea is able to handle both. Once you start using green tea, the effects of androgens remarkably reduce as EGCG prevents the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). At the same time, it protects against inflammation on the skin.

How Does Drinking Green Tea Reduce Acne?

A great number of people shared at the popular acne forums how drinking green tea results in improving their acne problem. There is no wonder that green tea can fight against the hormonal acne. Since it can decrease the levels of insulin, the skin can produce less sebum. The antioxidants present in green tea are around 25 to 100 time stronger than vitamin C. Therefore; drinking green tea helps to reduce inflammation caused by acne.

Actually, green tea is all about antioxidants and drinking specific quantity of green tea on regular basis can definitely fix your acne problem.

Now as you know about green tea acne treatment, you should look for treating the acne problem by drinking green tea and using topical green tea as toner, cream along with other natural remedies to get rid of the acne.